Top 5 Disney Movies

OK, so far today nothing very interesting has happened so I don’t really have anything to post about so I have decided to list my to 5 Disney films ATM.

5. Brave – My fave Disney princess as she is ginger, Scottish and great at archery

4. Wall-e – who knew a movie with so little dialogue about robots could so viciously tear our hearts apart?

3. Lilo and Stitch – A cute little alien and a strange Hawaiian girl meet and soon make the best team the world has ever seen. Oh, and have you seen how cute stitch is?

2. The Incredibles – Funny, clever and kinda relatable. this film about a family with superpowers is utterly … INCREDIBLE. (I’m not funny am I?)

1.Hercules – Great songs, great characters, and a weird goat man. This movie is GOD-like. (Still not funny am I?)


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