Beth Shalom

Warning this post touches upon some sensitive subjects. 

OK, so on Tuesday my school year went to Beth Shalom which is the national holocaust museum.  I think it is near Nottingham but I can’t say for certain. I really enjoy history and this was something I found interesting but also quite hard to spend an entire day thinking about. One of the things that really hit home was outside they have a garden dedicated to the children who died during the holocaust and part of the garden is a pile of rocks. They ask every visitor who comes to place a rock on the pile to remember the children by. So far they have roughly 350,000 rocks but hope to get 1,500,000 (one per child who died.) Although the rocks are small the pile is huge and it really puts into perspective the sheer number of deaths. It also makes you think how these people are just a number but real people that lived and were just like us.

Now not the entire trip was gloomy as on the way back we watched spectre even though you could barely hear it we kind of just made up what they were saying and it made for a good laugh.


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