I Exploded on a Nurse

OK, so that titles a bit dramatic but it’s not hugely different to what happened because yesterday all the girls had an injection at school for cervical cancer. We were all a bit nervous as it had been a while since our last jabs and who actually wants to be stabbed in the arm by a random stranger? So we were all sitting in the drama studio waiting for our turn. Then I’m called up so I walk towards the nurse and sit in the seat next to her. She asks a couple of questions like my name and date of birth then she tells me to turn away as she prepares the needle. Then she puts it in my arm and I feel a slight scratching feeling but nothing major but I hear her say “I wasn’t expecting that.” I start to fell quite nervous. What happened? Did I do something wrong? “I think I hit a vein,” she says answering the questions I was thinking. “You’ve spurted blood everywhere.” I tried to look over but her arms in my way. She mops up most of it and sticks a cotton ball over it. But as I stand up I look down and the chair has a huge splat of blood on it. I keep bleeding for the rest of the day even a one point having to put a jumper on because you could see blood trickling out from under my t-shirt. So that’s the story of when I exploded on a nurse.


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