OK, so I am really excitement for Beauty and the Beast. Me and one of my best friends, Louise, are going on Saturday because we live in England and Disney hates us. Sos this is short. Bye.


Maths and Illness

OK, so I haven’t posted in awhile because I have been quite ill but now I am feeling better so I decided to post today. On Tuesday last week, I went to Poynton School with 3 other students in year 8 & 9 to compete in the UKMT (UK maths trust.) Junior Maths Challenge.

We competed in 4 rounds during the day. At lunch, we had done 3 of the tasks and we were in 3rd place. We got 100% on task 1, and just over 2/3rds on the second. After lunch, we did 2 more tests getting just over half in the 3rd. I am not sure what we scored in the final round but we finished in the alright position of 7th out of the 19 attending schools.

All in all, it was a great day and we all ate lots of cake and fingers crossed I’m still clever enough to go next year.

Nothing Much

OK, so not much has been happening recently. I’ve just got back from dinner at Wagamama’s  and I am stuffed and sleepy. Sorry if this is a short one but nothing really has happened at all. I am also running out of ideas so if you have any please let me know. See you Sunday.

Back to school

OK, so I went back to school on Wednesday after having 11 days off so I haven’t really done anything interesting since then. On Friday I went to see some of my friends in their villages production of Peter Pan. That was ok. But apart from that this week’s been kinda boring. Sorry.

Everyone’s Talking About Jamie

OK, so sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It totally slipped my mind but the other night I went to see Everyone’s talking about Jamie at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield. If you don’t know it, it is a musical about a 17-year-old who wants to be a drag queen and his struggles with being who he wants to be. It is hilarious and the songs are great and if you have time I totally recommend checking it out. The run ends next week so be quick. It is full of great jokes but some are a little rude maybe not for kids. But other than that 10/10 a must see show.img_13121


img_13081OK so for Christmas this year I got a build your own ukulele which has been an on and off project of mine, for a while and last night I finished it by adding the strings so it was ready to go. I’ve done most of it myself. If you want to know how I built it let me know but it isn’t that interesting. I, of course, painted stitch on the back because he is so cute and today I started to learn some pieces on it. I’m not that good but I have learned 7 chords and I’m hoping to learn some cooler songs than the ones I’m learning from my “Ukulele for beginners” book.img_13091

Wobbly Brownies

OK, so the other day I had a friend over as it was half term. We had got a bit bored so we decided to bake some brownies. We had made the batter and puy it in the baking tray, it had looked slightly odd but we just thought we hadn’t quite remembered what it had looked like last time we made it as that was at least 6 months ago. We put it in the oven, and after waiting the recommended 30 mins we got the tray out the oven to find the entire mix was very much undercooked and was wobbly like a jelly. We checked every 10 mins after that and it wasn’t until at 60 mins had passed since we first put it in that the brownies were finally ready. Apart from the odd wobbly behavior of the brownies earlier they were fine and delicious.