I Exploded on a Nurse

OK, so that titles a bit dramatic but it’s not hugely different to what happened because yesterday all the girls had an injection at school for cervical cancer. We were all a bit nervous as it had been a while since our last jabs and who actually wants to be stabbed in the arm by a random stranger? So we were all sitting in the drama studio waiting for our turn. Then I’m called up so I walk towards the nurse and sit in the seat next to her. She asks a couple of questions like my name and date of birth then she tells me to turn away as she prepares the needle. Then she puts it in my arm and I feel a slight scratching feeling but nothing major but I hear her say “I wasn’t expecting that.” I start to fell quite nervous. What happened? Did I do something wrong? “I think I hit a vein,” she says answering the questions I was thinking. “You’ve spurted blood everywhere.” I tried to look over but her arms in my way. She mops up most of it and sticks a cotton ball over it. But as I stand up I look down and the chair has a huge splat of blood on it. I keep bleeding for the rest of the day even a one point having to put a jumper on because you could see blood trickling out from under my t-shirt. So that’s the story of when I exploded on a nurse.


The Eiffle Tower

OK, so next up is The Eiffle Tower. 21019. Retails for £29.99 so a reasonable price. It’s small but detailed and fun but fiddly to put together. The only thing that annoys me is the ring around the top is a slightly different grey and its a bit odd but apart from that it is cute and fun. 

Beth Shalom

Warning this post touches upon some sensitive subjects. 

OK, so on Tuesday my school year went to Beth Shalom which is the national holocaust museum.  I think it is near Nottingham but I can’t say for certain. I really enjoy history and this was something I found interesting but also quite hard to spend an entire day thinking about. One of the things that really hit home was outside they have a garden dedicated to the children who died during the holocaust and part of the garden is a pile of rocks. They ask every visitor who comes to place a rock on the pile to remember the children by. So far they have roughly 350,000 rocks but hope to get 1,500,000 (one per child who died.) Although the rocks are small the pile is huge and it really puts into perspective the sheer number of deaths. It also makes you think how these people are just a number but real people that lived and were just like us.

Now not the entire trip was gloomy as on the way back we watched spectre even though you could barely hear it we kind of just made up what they were saying and it made for a good laugh.

New York City & Venice

Ok, so first up is New York City. 21028. Retails for £44.99. I like these two builds as they are nice and small but pack lots of details. The mini statue of Liberty is pretty cute and something I think might be original all for this build. The little booklets they come with are really nice explaining the buildings and a bit of background which is nice for a quick flip through.Then we have Venice. 21026. Retails for £24.99 so quite a bit cheaper than New York. It is less impressive but still pretty cute and because I’ve actually been to Venice I like it a bit more. Although these builds have less wow-factor they are pretty neat and fun for a quick build.

Back at it Again

Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while but I want to get back into it so I have decided to do a series once a week for the next 10-12ish weeks. This will be so you guys all get at least one post a week. This will be a review of my lego collection; one piece a week till I run out of stuff to show you. I am also planning on doing a weeklyish update post but I might not if I cba. My first post should be at 5:00 pm on Saturday and the following post will be at the same time the next week etc.

Guide Camp

Ok, so this weekend was my Guide (Girl Scouts for you Americans) Camp so that is why I didn’t post (but also cause I have given up on a schedule.)   My Guides is quite small with a total of about 10 of us going to camp with 4 leaders. I spent from Friday at 7 to Sunday at lunch in a small house but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The badge we were working on was the 5 senses so we did things from a blind-folded walk to making lavender bags for baths. The only downside was the lack of WiFi but it was only 2 days. It was at Pax-tor which is just beautiful and I would 100% do it again sometime soon.

Beauty and the Beast

OK, so yesterday I did go to see Beauty and the Beast and it was OK.  (BTW this post will be spoiler free.) I enjoyed learning more about Belle’s backstory and seeing some bland characters becoming more interesting.But there were a few things I didn’t enjoy. 1. I don’t think it was different enough to deserve a remake. 2. I personally don’t like Emma Watson’s singing voice (stick to just acting.) And 3. Mrs. Potts and Chip were just fricking creepy. But if you like the original it wasn’t that bad so I would recommend it.